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Authentic Southern Louisiana Cooking

Cajun food is French in origin. It is thought to be hot and spicy when in actuality, authentic Cajun food is very flavorful and is never so hot that it impairs ones sense of taste from enjoying all the dish has to offer. The preparation of Cajun food is never hurried and involves layering of spices and flavors that give it it's authenticity.

It was created by hard working people who enjoy cooking, love to eat, and have a joy for life (joie de vivre). The result of this is a rich flavorful taste that is as wonderful as the people who created it. And as always, "le bon temps roule".

Flavors of Louisiana is owned and operated by Jennifer Landry Goff.  Jennifer was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her father, Atlas Joseph Landry of White Castle, La. and her mother Olga Anna Alexander Landry of  New Orleans, La. have been the inspiration to the flavors you can  experience in this well known home styled Cajun restaurant. At Flavors of Louisiana we like to call those 2 styles country Cajun and city Cajun. The difference between the two are that the city Cajun (New Orleans style) is spicy hot and with red tomato base sauces and the country Cajun (Acadian)  is spicy flavorful with rich brown roux base sauces. Here you can find both of these truly authentic styles in one dynamic place.

Jennifer moved to Arizona in 1990 with her husband Calvin Goff and their 2 daughters. It became a dream to own her own restaurant and share the wonderful food that she grew up with when they realized the lack of authentic Cajun food in Arizona. This dream became a reality on November 18th, 2008 when they opened their doors for the first time.

Jennifer opened Flavors of Louisiana with the help of her youngest daughter Holli Muth whom she credits with much of its success. These ladies have worked side by side in the restaurant since the beginning. Jennifer’s oldest daughter Amanda Gibson, helps at the restaurant on occasion but spends most of her commitment on the financial end to make this a truly family owned business.

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